Webcast | 2014 | October | Introducing PermIndex™ – Reservoir Permeability Calculation

Presenter: Asal Rahimi Zeynal, Petroleum Engineer

Date: October 21, 2014

Title: Introducing PermIndex™ – Reservoir Permeability Calculation

Description: A crucial piece of information a reservoir engineers always want to know about a reservoir is the permeability, because this controls how fast the gas and/or oil will flow to the well. This month’s webcast will highlight MicroSeismic’s most recent Completions Evaluation Service – PermIndex, which calculates seismicity-based reservoir permeability coupled with effective drainage volume determination in order to provide operators with a stage-by-stage indication of production potential given early estimates of each stage’s productivity. This information can then provide operators with information they need in order to improve production forecasting and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).