Webcast | 2014 | April | Microseismic Correlation to Production

Presenter: Asal Zeynal, Petroleum Engineer & Mike Mueller, VP Development

Date: April 22, 2014 at 10AM CDT

Title: Microseismic Correlation to Production

Description: The application of microseismic-based hydraulic fracture monitoring over the past decade of shale oil and gas development has reached the point where thousands of wells and tens of thousands of stages have been monitored. With this microseismic monitoring of a large number of wells, and sufficient time since initial production for many of the monitored wells, it is now possible to compare the microseismic results to multi-year production data across all of the active shale oil and gas trends. The correlations are based on using the stimulated rock volumes computed from microseismic pointsets and production data available from common reporting agencies. Overall these correlations are very promising with coefficients above 0.8 for all the prominent North American shale trends.