Webcast | 2014 | March | Downhole Monitoring with EventPick®

Presenter: Julia Kurpan, Sr. Geophysicist & Mike Mueller, VP Development, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Date: March 18, 2014 at 10AM CDT

Title: Downhole Monitoring with EventPick®

Description: EventPick technology provides an independent evalution of well stimulation results in areas less suitable for surface-based microseismic acquisition. Final results determined using the proprietary EventPick processing technology provides operators with the fracture geometry and azimuth, discrete fracture network characterization, estimations of stimulated reservoir volume, and recommendations for completions optimization. An in depth look at EventPick will give insight on how operators can determine well spacing, improve fluid and proppant selection, alter pressure pumping schedules, avoid geohazards, and delineate reservoir boundaries.