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2017 E & P Magazine

Carl W. Neuhaus

Micro Insights Into Permian Basin Wellbore Spacing
2017 First Break

Alireza Agharazi

How microseismic can help to improve our understanding of refracturing
2017 First Break

Alireza Agharazi, Peter Duncan and Michael Thornton

A new methodology for estimating field horizontal stress from microseismic focal mechanisms

Department of Energy

MicroSeismic Helps DOE Identify New Geothermal Plays
2016 Houston Business Journal

Joshua Mann

Despite cash flow 'going crazily down,' Houston energy co. invests in tech
2016 World Oil

Peter Duncan

Executive viewpoint: How to Thirve During a Downturn
2016 First Break

Sudhendu Kashikar and Hasan Shojaei

Quantitative estimation of permeability enhancement, production and depletion from microseismic data
2016 E&P Magazine

Rhonda Duey, Executive Editor

View From Below
2016 E&P Magazine

Sudhendu Kashikar, MicroSeismic Inc.

Microseismic Data Determines Well’s Drainage Pattern, Production Profile
2016 First Break

Michael Kratz and Michael Thornton, MicroSeismic, Inc.

The effect of location error on microseismic mechanism estimation: synthetic and real field data examples
2015 Offshore World

Sudhendu Kashikar and Hasan Shojaei, MicroSeismic, Inc; Casey Lipp, Peregrine Petroleum

Early Production Prediction for Unconventional Wells
2015 Offshore Engineer

Heather Saucier

Painting a moving picture
2015 World Oil

Sudhendu Kashikar and Hasan Shojaei, MicroSeismic, Inc; Casey Lipp, Peregrine Petroleum

Accurate modeling improves early production predictions
2015 Drilling Contractor

Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor

A seismic shift in the subsurface
2015 Oil Week

Jim Bentein

Induced Seismicity
2015 E&P Magazine

Staff Report

New Technologies Key For Changed Oil And Gas Landscape
2015 AOGR

Michael Kratz, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion Enables Rapid Real-Time Treatment Optimization
2015 First Break

Karl Harris, MicroSeismic, Inc. and Robert Bacon, Wirelss Seismic

Utilizing source mechanism and microseismic event location to identify faults in real-time using wireless seismic recording systems – An Eagle Ford case study
2015 World Oil

Sudhendu Kashikar & Terry Jbeili

Beating the Decline Curve Through Refracturing
2015 Hart's E&P

Velda Addison

Microseismic Plus Refrack Could Equal More Production
2015 Oil & Gas Investor Australia

Sudhendu Kashikar

Optimizing Production Using Microseimic-Based Completions Evaluation- page 76
2015 AAPG Explorer

Heather Saucier

Downturn Offers Opportunity to Reprocesses Seismic
2015 Oil & Gas Financial Journal

Mikaila Adams

An Interview with MicroSeismic CFO Rick Luke
2015 AOGR

Peter M. Duncan and Carl W. Neuhaus, MicroSeismic Inc.

New Method Improves Microseismic Results
2015 E&P

Oscar A. Quezada, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., and Peter M. Duncan, MicroSeismic Inc.

Craking the Wattenberg Field
2014 Offshore World

Carl Neuhaus

Integrated analysis of hydraulic fracturing treatments in the Marcellus Shale
2014 Oilfield Technology

Sudhendu Kashikar, Carl Neuhaus and Jon McKenna

Deterministic Diagnostics
2014 E&P

Asal Rahimi-Zeynal, Mike Mueller and Sudhendu Kashikar, MicroSeismic Inc.

Microseismic correlation to production – A Horn River completions evaluation case study
2014 E&P Magazine

Carl W. Neuhaus, Asal Rahimi Zeynal,and Sudhendu Kashikar

Eagle Ford Shale Completions Evaluation
2014 E&P Magazine

Rhonda Duey

MSI Adds New Executive
2014 Offshore

Offshore Staff

The status of emerging offshore geoscience technologies at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston
2014 Offshore World

Sudhendu Kashikar

Completions Evaluation for Hydraulic Fracture
Monitoring in Unconventional Resources
2014 Houston Chronicle  Emily Pickrell Q&A: Ears go in the ground to aid fracturing.
2014 AOGR Magazine  Mary Ellison Microseismic reveals fracture patterns.
2014 Houston Business Journal  Molly Ryan MicroSeismic add equipment with first acquisition.
2013 InnovOil  Andrew Dykes Ear to the ground.
2013 E&P Carl W. Neuhaus, and Sarah Groen, MicroSeismic, Inc. Conducting microseismic analysis can optimize completion.
2013 World Oil Carl W. Neuhaus, Cherie Telker and Mary Ellison, Microseismic, Inc.; and Keith Blair, Gastar Exploration, Ltd. Microseismic monitoring yields production optimization strategies for Marcellus shale
2013 AOGR Kari Johnson Unconventional Plays Drive Geophysical, Computing Technology
2013 The Bakken Magazine Luke Geiver Tech provider explains merits of microseismic for shale plays
2013 First Break Michael Thornton, Mike Mueller, Leo Eisner Meeting the challenge of uncertainty in surface microseismic monitoring
2013 HP   High Performance Computing in Action
2013 The Bakken Magazine Luke Geiver Proven Players
2013 The Bakken Magazine Luke Geiver Microseismic tool reveals proppant success rate during fracking
2013 Wall Street Journal   MicroSeismic Founder and CEO Peter Duncan Selected as Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year
2013 Scientific American Melissa C. Lott Five Energy Companies Disrupting the Status Quo
2013 Seismic Profile Indy Chakrabarti Microseismic Data Beyond Frac Monitoring
2013 Emily Pickrell Figuring out where to drill
2013 Houston Business Journal Deon Doughtery MicroSeismic CEO Peter Duncan gears up for international growth
2013 E&P Indy Chakrabarti Microseismic monitoring explains complex fracture networks
2013 AOGR Peter M. Duncan, PhD. Application Areas Driving Microseismic
2013 E&P Magazine Peter M. Duncan, PhD. Responding to the challenge of induced seismicity
2013 World Oil Pramod Kulkarni MicroSeismic’s Duncan begins celebration of 10-year anniversary
2012 Houston Business Journal Molly Ryan MicroSeismic shakes up expansion plans
2012 Andrew McBarnet Passive Seismic Eyes Active Role Offshore
2012 E&P Rhonda Duey Geophysics Has A Role in Shale Plays
2011 First Break Scott A. Wessels, Alejandro De La Peña, Michael Kratz, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud and Terry Jbeili Identifying faults and fractures in unconventional reservoirs through microseismic monitoring
2011 World Oil Nell Lukosavich The Seismic Treasure Hunt
2011 Brian Gibbons HP Solutions Help Find Difficult-to-Reach Oil and Gas Faster
2011 Oilweek R.P. Stastny Beyond Dots in a Box
2011 GeoExPro Ted Moon Listening from a Distance
2011 Houston Chronicle Tom Fowler Seismic Venture
2010 Harts - E&P Chris Neale Cost-Effective, High-Resolution Hydraulic Fracture Microseismic Monitoring - Anywhere, Anytime
2010 First Break Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Jo Ellen Kilpatrick, Brian Cornette, Leo Eisner and Morris Hall Moving Outside of the Borehole: Characterizing Natural Fractures Through Microseismic Monitoring
2010 New Technology Magazine Maurice Smith Best Exploration Technology Award
2010 New Technology Magazine Pat Roche Haynesville Heat
2010 The Leading Edge Leo Eisner, Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Andrew Hill, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Dr. Michael P. Thornton Beyond the Dots in a Box: Microseismicity-Constrained Fracture Models for Reservoir Simulation
2010 Geophysics Dr. Peter M. Duncan and Leo Eisner Reservoir Characterization Using Surface Microseismic Monitoring
2009 AOGR Jose E. Nevarez and Chris Neale Permanent Arrays Provide Critical Data
2005 First Break Dr. Peter M. Duncan Is there a future for passive seismic?