PSET® 5.0

Optimize Production with High Definition Microseismic Monitoring

Employed in every major basin worldwide, MicroSeismic’s Passive Seismic Emission Tomography (PSET) technology helps customers maximize production and reduce costs by providing an accurate picture of how the reservoir is responding to hydraulic fracturing. This patented microseismic monitoring, mapping, and analysis process detects the propagation of induced and reactivated fractures with high accuracy.

Offering superior flexibility, microseismic data can be collected from all array types and can be processed or reprocessed to each customer’s needs. After the data is collected it is then transmitted to a central recording and processing facility.

Our analysis provides an accurate understanding of the reservoir’s heterogeneity and the geologic conditions from which hydrocarbons are being extracted. The technology also allows geologists to integrate microseismic data with other sub-surface data to better understand the reservoir.

MicroSeismic’s technology differentiator comes from complex depth migration algorithms which calculate a more complete picture and precise view of the reservoir in real-time.

Get the answers you need to optimize your completions with PSET

MiroSeismic is able to process massive amounts of data more efficiently than any other company in the industry. Our PSET technology offers the most sophisticated and most accurate data to help operators make key decisions for completing their wells and maximizing production.

  • Understand true magnitude on each event, allowing accurate estimates of fracture coverage area and ability to compare results from well-to-well and basin-to basin
  • Acquire more accurate locations of events and more realistic earth models with cutting-edge anisotropic velocity models
  • Optimize the treatment design, get more accurate source mechanisms and magnitudes with Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion (Auto MTI)
  • Map 10% more event locations and trust the results with our machine learning Event Editing algorithm
  • Enjoy full transparency with PSET uncertainty measures on each event
  • Stay tuned in with automatic alerting in real-time on customer selected parameters 
  • Get results faster and make completions optimizing decisions on the fly with real-time analysis

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