Product Updates

Advanced Real-time Analysis


Developed to gain a deeper understanding of the reservoir and faster interpretation of data in real-time, MicroSeismc has enhanced its capabilities to give clients the opportunity to make critical adjustments at the well site in order to optimize production and reduce costs. Advanced Real-time Analysis, represents both geophysical technology advances, as well as engineering developments. The new technology includes:

  • Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion
  • A machine learning algorithm for Event Editing
  • Anisotropic Calibration

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PSET 5.0™

MSI DFN Illustration 05-13-13

MicroSeismic unveils the latest version of Passive Seismic Emission Tomography, PSET™ 5.0. With the new PSET™, customers enjoy high definition vertical resolution across the well and controlled amplitude processing.

  • High Definition Z-Resolution Across the Entire Well
  • Controlled Amplitude Processing
  • Improved Magnitudes for Well to Well and Basin to Basin Comparisons
  • Highly Accurate Models of Discrete Fracture Network

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MicroSeismic. introduces Productive-SRV™ (Productive-Stimulated Reservoir Volume). The multiple patents pending technology introduces a novel method to estimate how much of the stimulated fracture remains open through proppant placement. Productive-SRV incorporates three microseismically derived calculations to estimate target zone productivity; a magnitude calibrated Discrete Fracture Network (DFN), the Propped Fracture Estimation and the Fat Fracture™ Drainage Estimation. The combination of these techniques can be used to estimate 90-day cumulative production.

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MSI Downhole-Monitoring Single-Well 03-12-13 rev01-1Single well downhole acquisition


Downhole Monitoring with EventPick™ Technology

P-And S-Wave Arrival Picking

Real-time Microseismic Downhole Monitoring with EventPick™ Technology provides an independent evaluation of well stimulation results in areas less suitable for surface-based microseismic acquisition. Initial results, using the proprietary EventPick processing technology, are delivered within a month. The solution provides operators with the fracture geometry and azimuth, discrete fracture network characterization, estimations of propped stimulated reservoir volume, and recommendations for completions optimizations.

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