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PIndex is an estimate of the well’s relative productivity. It shows a direct comparison of well productivity and identifies differences between wells, providing immediate feedback to adjust overall completion strategies.

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DIndex quantifies the well’s current and future reservoir drainage volume and drainage pattern. The result is a map of future incremental reservoir depletion, showing when drawdown pressures from adjacent wells will interact with each other. DIndex gives operators the control to adjust operating parameters and plan well spacing and production timing based on economic factors, maximizing ROI.

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Developed to help reservoir engineers understand the reservoir permeability on a stage-by-stage basis, the proprietary PermIndex service provides permability estimates for each stage and data-driven contstraints to reservoir simulation to help operators improve production forecasting and increase estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). The new technology includes:

  • Production Productivity Log
  • Permeability Scalar

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Advanced Real-Time Analysis


Developed to gain a deeper understanding of the reservoir and faster interpretation of data in real-time, MicroSeismc has enhanced its capabilities to give clients the opportunity to make critical adjustments at the well site in order to optimize production and reduce costs. Advanced Real-Time Analysis, represents both geophysical technology advances, as well as engineering developments. The new technology includes:

  • Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion
  • A Machine Learning Algorithm for Event Editing
  • Anisotropic Calibration

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PSET 5.0™

MSI DFN Illustration 05-13-13

MicroSeismic unveils the latest version of Passive Seismic Emission Tomography, PSET™ 5.0. With the new PSET™, customers enjoy high definition vertical resolution across the well and controlled amplitude processing.

  • High Definition Z-Resolution Across the Entire Well
  • Controlled Amplitude Processing
  • Improved Magnitudes for Well to Well and Basin to Basin Comparisons
  • Highly Accurate Models of Discrete Fracture Network

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MicroSeismic. introduces Productive-SRV™ (Productive-Stimulated Reservoir Volume). The multiple patents pending technology introduces a novel method to estimate how much of the stimulated fracture remains open through proppant placement. Productive-SRV incorporates three microseismically derived calculations to estimate target zone productivity; a magnitude calibrated Discrete Fracture Network (DFN), the Propped Fracture Estimation and the Fat Fracture™ Drainage Estimation. The combination of these techniques can be used to estimate 90-day cumulative production.

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MSI Downhole-Monitoring Single-Well 03-12-13 rev01-1Single well downhole acquisition