MicroSeismic, Inc. Identified As One Of The Hottest At URTeC

By Rip Stringer
VP, Sales & Marketing

The near 100° temperatures outside didn’t prevent our MicroSeismic team from being noticed as one of the hottest companies and technologies at the Unconventional Resource Technology Conference (URTeC) this week in San Antonio.  Read More here.

URTEC 2015 3 sm

At MicroSeismic we enjoy participating at URTeC.  The conference is an integrated event for unconventional resource development teams with a focus on superior science and technology.  This is a great platform for MicroSeismic, as it directly reflects our team and our focus.  We are an integrated group of petroleum geologists, geoscientists, and multi-disciplined oilfield engineers.  Our superior science and microseismic technology are a rope that ties unconventional resource development teams together.

Our presentations this year included:

  • The Refrac Equation: Maximizing Results with Microseismic”,
  • “Real Actions:  Saving Production Costs in Real-time”,
  • “From Diagnostic to Prescriptive Solutions:  How Microseismic Can Provide Estimates of Early Production”
  • “Microseismic When Every Penny Counts. 

We also presented two epaper’s at the conference:

  • “Stimulated Rock Volume and Estimated Ultimate Recovery”
  • “Use of Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion in Real Time Microseismic Imaging” 

Our presentations and papers reflect MicroSiesmic’s continued efforts to advance microseismic technology to the benefit of our industry and your unconventional resource development teams.

We dedicate our multi-discipline team to maximize your return on investment, increase your production, and reduce your field development costs.  Whether combined with drilling data to optimize well spacing, landing zones and sweet spots, or completion data to optimize stage spacing, perforation strategies and completion techniques, or geology, geoscience, and reservoir data to improve reservoir modeling and increase ultimate recovery, microseismic provides a technical rope that ties your unconventional resource development teams together.

Working together in this economically challenging environment can help maximize your investment dollars. 

To view some of the presentations highlighted above, sign up to view our webcasts on-demand by clicking here.