No Walls.

By John Blake
HR Director

For the better part of the last decade, MicroSeismic has pushed for completions evaluation solutions that are beyond mere “dots in a box.” To do that effectively, we have to treat our people that way. Large companies tend to define boxes and keep people in them: “you are an X and you do what an X does, and so shall it be for all eternity.” If people try to leave their boxes, the shock troops appear to help show them back to their spots. It’s neat and organized, but it stifles creativity and slows evolution to a snail’s pace. Instead of an inventive, entrepreneurial process, progress becomes a continual refinement of what is known. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just a different mission than we are on.

At MicroSeismic, we don’t put people in boxes. People who join our team bring a box with them on day one that is filled with the sum total of the knowledge and skills they have acquired over their careers. We don’t see that box as the definition of what that person is and will forever be - it’s a mere snapshot at the moment in their career of where their path crossed ours. We see that box as a platform to stand on, as the person develops and grows, reaching for new heights. We don’t wall people in who demonstrate a willingness and ability to think and learn outside their box, we encourage it and reward it.

There is comfort for some residing in a well-defined box. It is absolutely scary, even terrifying, for those not accustomed to testing their limits and reaching for more than they are comfortable with. Yet it is that fear that must be looked in the eye and spat upon for our mission to be accomplished. Our people have never been and will never be dots in a box. We want our people to stand on the shoulders of giants to find the next big thing. To do that, they must be allowed to step up on their box and reach.