Does Brand Really Matter?

By Jaclyn Townsend

Two weeks ago MicroSeismic, Inc. (MSI) kicked off “Brand Awareness Week” internally, in order to align the Company with our brand standards, tactics and to educate employees about the importance of a brand.

Many people associate the term “brand” with a specific logo, and while part of that is true, a brand means so much more. A brand has two important purposes – to set expectations and to deliver results, which can heavily account for a customer’s final decision to choose one product or service over another.

With the launch of “Brand Awareness Week,” we wanted to have some fun!  In addition to reminding the company about our brand standards and our core values, we sprinkled in some thought provoking activities. In one activity we took submissions from employees on “What the MSI brand means to you.” Our folks got really creative and submitted art, poetry, and even a rap song! 

We also hosted the “MSI Brand Bar.”  At the end of a work day, an area was setup where employees were challenged with a blind taste test between two very well-known beer brands. Results from the “MSI Brand Bar” taste test are below:

  • 55% of participants preferred beer 1 over beer 2; however 63% of them actually liked the taste of beer number 2 better
  • 45% of participants preferred beer 2 over beer 1; 22% of them liked beer number 1 better
  • Overall, 50% of participants did not choose their beer preference based on taste
 IMG 5169  IMG 5166

So what does all this mean? Well, it’s highly likely that taste is not the only thing going on in brand preference. The “Brand Bar” proved that brand is not always about the actual product/service, but rather, can be attributed directly to perception or awareness.

At MSI, we’ve spent over 10 years building our brand – focusing on excellent customer service, unparalleled technology advancements, and the utmost in safety and environment. Now that we have such a strong base, it is our responsibility as a company to live up to that reputation and to continue to build our brand so that the market knows instantly what it is that MicroSeismic, Inc. stands for.

To achieve our vision and mission, and to continue to build value with our brand, we must aspire to live our core values – Mastery, Service, and Innovation. That’s what it comes down to.

So yes, brand does matter. But it’s what you put into it that really matters.