The Journey & The Way

By John Blake
Director, Human Resources

Most, if not all, of the posts you read in these pages talk about the solutions, the targets, and perhaps even the “end-game” of what MicroSeismic does to help support our customers in achieving their respective objectives in the oilfield.  Most of what I do every day is more focused on what that journey looks like “under the hood” while on the path to those destinations.  While there are tangible milestones that all can see as we push the technological boundaries of what we know, there is no “end point” to having an engaged workforce, or one that is hell-bent on continuing the journey Peter Duncan started us down more than twelve years ago.  There certainly is never an appropriate moment to declare victory, when our people somehow, magically, have mastered the ability to move any immovable object or stop any irresistible force, where we pack up our tools and declare it a day.  Today is no different.

In the years since the company was founded, our journey has taken multiple paths, any one of which could have been deemed “completed” at one time or another and the adventure ended prematurely.  But we haven’t stopped, in fact, we have chosen time and again to continue despite the odds.  In the beginning, simply proving that surface microseismic wasn’t snake oil peddled at the county fair was paramount.  Once well-down that path, we then had to overcome the stigma of being a disruptor in the marketplace, where the slings and arrows of our detractors sought to sway us from our objective, all the while those same detractors were secretly seeking, and failing, to catch up with us. 

That path diverged a third time and we now find ourselves in perhaps the most crucial part of our journey.  A recent Halliburton press release described the current US market as a “raging bonfire that is burning up a lot of the dead wood.”  What most forget in the midst of the conflagration is that the path is not always well-lit, well-trodden, nor easy to navigate.  Pain and misery are part of the journey.  Without them, there is nothing to overcome, and any eventual declaration of victory one day would be hollow, meaningless. These obstacles exist in our journey and they define it.  The weak capitulate, and their journey is over.  We choose to roll up our sleeves.  We choose to use the bonfire as a means to light our way.  We choose to be.  We have never accepted the alternative. That is the MicroSeismic Way.