Microseismic a Focus at Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

By Jaclyn Townsend
MicroSeismic, Inc.

Last week SPE hosted its annual technology conference, which focused on hydraulic fracturing, in the Woodlands, Texas. The conference included a dynamic mix of sessions that featured unconventional resources technologies and hydraulic frac demos. The audience included E&P companies, oil and gas investors, suppliers and service companies. It’s quite the event for those who are all about the frac!

This year microseismic applications were a hot topic among conference goers and in technical conference sessions.

In a paper given by Pioneer and Baree & Associates, there was a discussion around how microseismic and production history is yielding interesting history matches and being used to determine permeability.  In addition, it was mentioned that real-time microseismic can be helpful in determining how to place proppant.   

J.R. Augustine from Marathon also stated, “…creating more propped fracs is the key to more frac surface area and higher production.”

Statements and key findings like those mentioned above, show that higher production for fewer dollars is what most operators are after these days – and that they’re willing to use technology to get there.

At MicroSeismic, Inc. we offer proven real-time solutions that help make oil production more efficient and ultimately, more profitable. Services like FracRx™ can help operators optimize treatment and improve production by understanding how the fracture area grows in relation to the treatment. Our newest service, PermIndexTM helps operators to better understand permeability and to predict IP and EUR earlier in the life of the well.

Peter Duncan recently did an interview in the Bakken where he says it all, “We actually can give the oil company and the operator a very precise image of where they have fractured the rock in real-time so it can help them go back in and make sure that they harvest every molecule of oil that they can for the least amount of money.”

In a time when every penny counts, it’s evident that operators are looking for technologies like microseismic to help save money and increase production and efficiency.