Breaking Records and Sharing Ideas

By Marketing
MicroSeismic, Inc.

It was a packed house on January 22nd as MicroSeismic hosted its 5th Annual User Forum. Nearly forty different E&P companies were represented, which amounted to record attendance and participation. MicroSeismic’s clients were able to exchange ideas and best practices in an open environment pertaining to the development of unconventional assets utilizing microseismic.

Speakers from Anadarko, Chevron, Encana, Peregrine Petroleum, RSP Permian, and Texas A&M, just to name a few, packed the day’s agenda. Keynote speaker, Larry O’Donnel from Rockwater Energy, discussed factors that drive the cost of fluids operators use for their treatment wells, and how to turn it into a revenue stream. Encana also gave a well-received presentation on how microseismic plays a major role in calibrating geomechanincal models.

During the Forum, clients had an opportunity to vote for which technologies they think MicroSeismic should develop next. The results ranged from wanting a solution for integrating microseismic frac and geomecahnical models, to more downhole solutions. All in all, Microseismic received validation that our strategy for technology development is headed in the right direction and that the work we are doing for Completions Evaluation is paying off. Other highlights include:

  • Round table luncheons – each participant was able to choose a topic of interest and was seated at that topic table for lunch. Many fruitful conversations abounded!
  • Discussion on using microseismic to constrain frac models and reservoir models – one client presented results from MicroSeismic’s reservoir simulation showing excellent history matching and in range EUR production. Clients also expressed interest in using microseismic to constrain fracture models. If you are interested in working with us to continue to develop these models, please reach out to Sarah Groen at
  • Open discussion around the current state of the market and how microseismic can best be used to save costs. The use of microseismic to better understand refract programs was discussed, as well as the avoidance of costly geo-hazards in real time, as well as finding the optimum number of stages for each well to find the balance between cost and benefit. For more information on this, check out the January webcast by Peter Duncan – MicroSeismic: When Every Penny Counts.

MicroSeismic would like to thank all of the presenters and attendees for making this such a great event for all who attended. We look forward to welcoming all our clients to the event again next year.

2015 MSIUserForum A packed house at the 2015 MicroSeismic User Forum.

2015 MSIUserForum2Round table luncheons featuring a different topic at each table.


The MSI Marketing Team