Cheers to a New Year and a Raised Standard

By Rushida Patel
Marketing, MicroSeismic, Inc.

In analyzing the responses from a recent market study that MicroSeismic sponsored, I found that the majority of respondents are not aware that MicroSeismic offers downhole monitoring services. We’re out to change that because though downhole is a relatively new service for MicroSeismic, we’ve made incredible progress and have developed a more accurate, less subjective, and more valuable approach to downhole monitoring.

The traditional approach for downhole monitoring is based on picking individual arrival times of compressional (p) and shear (s) waves. With thousands of data points acquired during monitoring picking becomes tedious and time consuming and there can be significant subjectivity in the results based on who’s doing the picking.  Though it’s an accepted method in the industry and does give valuable results, we’re striving for a better solution.

Over the last several months, MicroSeismic has completed a few projects using its new PSET® Downhole technology, including a project that combined PSET Downhole along with surface results. This presented a more complete picture of what happened during the frac.

What’s so different about it? Well to start off, this new technology can identify more events, more accurately than the p&s picking method I mentioned earlier. How? It uses the full waveform and aligns them to locate events rather than relying on the p&s wave arrival times alone (only part of the waveform). This allows for detection of smaller events that may have otherwise been missed due to weak signals or noise. The use of the full waveforms also means that a computer can perform much of the monitoring and analysis on its own, eliminating the subjectivity factor in the results by removing analyst bias.    

The plus-side of downhole imaging doesn’t stop there. Once event uncertainties (whether or not there is really an event there) become too high, i.e. over the decided threshold, it’s excluded from data-set. Hence, imaging will produce higher certainty results overall and will be more reliable for microseismic based analysis such as FracRx® and Productive SRV® calculations that help operators optimize completions and increase production.

This quarter you will hear a lot more from us on PSET Downhole as we work to promote technology awareness and the benefits it provides to E&P companies and investors. In the current state of the industry, operators are looking for ways to make every penny count. This year, our resolution is to help the industry keep costs under control while optimizing production using MicroSeismic’s services. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?