Who wants to be a millionaire?

By Terry Jbeili
Chief Operating Officer

MSI 1million logo FINALOr, more to the point, who doesn’t?  In this case I’m not thinking about the dollar denomination, although millions of these would be welcome in any fiat currency.  I’m actually referring to an important milestone that every service company in the oil and gas sector strives for:  A million hours worked without a lost time incident (LTI).

MicroSeismic Inc. proudly crossed that milestone in November, clocking in 1,024,808 hours worked with ZERO lost time incidents. 

This achievement is first and foremost thanks to the diligence and focus of our people.  It’s also thanks to the work ethic we’ve established at MSI: living and communicating a Safety First culture throughout the organization.  Our crews work around the clock in often times severe conditions, exposed to the elements day and night.  Any incident that requires medical attention no matter how small qualifies as a recordable incident (yes even something as innocuous as an insect bite).  And if there is lost time as a result, it becomes a LTI. 

The rate is factored on the number of lost time cases reported per 100 equivalent full time employees [for the mathematically inclined it’s calculated as # incidents X 200,000 / Number of Hours] and is reported on industry networks such as ISNetworld to which we subscribe.   Last year in our industry sector the LTI rate was 0.9, which is a great result given the hours worked.

The industry has come a long way in the way safety is addressed.  Gone are the days when, as a young wireline field engineer, my team and I would think it normal to work literally days in the field with little to no sleep – it was almost a badge of honor.  It was also terribly unsafe.   That was over 30 years ago.  Today the checks and balances the industry has put in place are such that achieving an absolute zero LTI rate is not only feasible, but expected, and maintainable - as MSI has proven over the last two years. 

It’s about instilling and applying good practices.  At MSI we learn from our clients, from each other and from industry experts through formal training.  We start each project day with a safety meeting and end the day with a safety review.  We work hard at proactively communicating with our clients and our colleagues safety related issues specific to the project and conditions.    We also learn from our mistakes through non-conformance reporting and corrective actions and effective communication.  We try hard not to be complacent as routine sets in.  And above all we watch out for one another and STOP unsafe practices.

At MSI we’re passionate about Service – and good, reliable service is all about getting things done safely and right the first time. 

Kudos team MSI!