SEG Denver - What a show it was

By Peter Duncan
Founder & Co-Chairman

I am writing while sitting in our booth at the 9th Congresso de Exploracion y Desarrollo de Hidrocarburos in Mendoza, Argentina. It is a congress put on every 3 years by the Argentinian Institute of Petroleum and Gas. This year the theme is Rompiendo Paradigmas – unraveling paradigms. The emphasis is on unconventionals and their placein Argentina’s future as you might well imagine. There are more than 1,200 in attendance and it is turning out to be quite a show.

But what I really wanted to talk about is the SEG in Denver last week. It was a great show and our team pulled out all the stops to make it a success. There were more than 8,500 attendees and we were one of 372 exhibitors. MicroSeismic had a great booth location on the main aisle just inside one of the two entrances, so we had lots of traffic. Our booth had many attractions – great talks going continuously, 3 neck massage stations with professional masseurs to ease the weary conventioneer, and a football autographed by Peyton Manning as our give-away. That football was very popular and I think I could have sold it 10 times over at a hefty price.

We featured back to back technical talks in our theater highlighting our recent advances. I believe we set new records for attendance at these talks as every time I looked all the chairs were full and many more stood around the theater. Great job presenters! Thanks for the effort you put in getting ready for these important presentations.

We also had 4 papers accepted in the technical sessions. Congratulations to Leo, Robert, Alek and Jon for getting papers accepted for inclusion in the program. There were a record number of submissions for this year’s show and many, many papers are typically rejected. Acceptance is a validation of the importance of your work and the clarity of your communication.

Two highlights of the convention for me were the World Finals of the SEG Challenge Bowl and the Past President’s Jam session. At the Challenge Bowl the team from Poland, winners of the Eastern European Regional contest, prevailed with the Latin American Champions from Colombia coming in a very close second. Third and fourth places went to Nigeria and Italy so it was truly an international affair.

The Jam is an open party that MSI sponsors every year. It comes right after the President’s Reception and serves as a fundraiser for the SEG Foundation. The band is made up of SEG’ers and you might be surprised just how good the music is; everything from jazz to rock and roll to rockin’ blues. The dancing went on until 11:00, and we raised $6460 for the Foundation. Another job well done.

The SEG Annual Meeting and Exhibition is an important show for the industry in general and MicroSeismic in particular. There were many, many folks talking about microseismic monitoring in their booths. I came away well convinced that we are still leading the way in innovative ways to make microseismic data relevant to our clients primary goal – producing more hydrocarbons for less dollars spent.