Making a Mile High Difference at SEG 2014

A Recap of SEG 2014 from a Marketer’s Point of View

By Jaclyn Townsend
Marketing, MicroSeismic, Inc.

This week marked SEG’s 84th Annual Meeting held in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Several thousands of attendees piled into the Denver Convention Center to engage with booth vendors and to hear the latest and greatest about the newest technologies, case studies and accomplishments in the industry.

As a marketer, my first inclination is to find out who is proclaiming what and if it’s providing the answers to the industry’s needs. Interestingly enough, I found myself saying “What’s the difference?” more times than not. Proclamations like “being the best” or “having the most advanced solution” or “being the most reliable” or “improving your data” (I could go on) were splattered all across the trade show floor. But where is the value with these types of bold statements, where is the real difference?

Over time, I have found that operators want to know how all the fluff that marketers proclaim actually helps them, or how these bold statements can ultimately save them money and improve their production. That’s the bright, shining star that operators and E&P companies are looking for – how can what we do benefit them.

As I perused the show floor, I saw lots of features and fewer benefits to the customer. It was quite overwhelming to see the heaps of marketing tactics not living up to their full potential, in my opinion. However, there were several gems in the crowd who actually did make impactful statements on how they could provide value to their customers. Statements like “Saved $1 million+” and “Increased Production by 50%” and “Optimized Production in the Permian” are some that still stand out to me and, undoubtedly so, stood out to operators and customers as well.

Over at the MicroSeismic booth, we focused on our benefits related to our Completions Evaluation Solutions and how they are making a difference. Our theme for SEG was “Relax & Experience the Difference, The MicroSeismic Way,” which focused on what really sets us apart backed by proven results. In one example we showed how we helped an operator increase EUR by 55,000 bbls/well and save the same customer $1 million/well in completions cost.  With this type of information readily available at our booth, we were able to provide our visitors with real answers that have helped real customers.


As the show continued in full force, MicroSeismic made several other differences at this year’s SEG Annual Meeting. MicroSeismic presented 5 SEG oral presentations, 25 booth presentations and offered a free lunch and learn by Dr. Leo Eisner. Peter Duncan, Founder & Co-Chairman of MicroSeismic, was recognized with the Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal for his contributions to excellence in geoscience and the differences he’s made over the last several years. MicroSeismic also sponsored the Presidential Jam and provided volunteers to help benefit the SEG Foundation – this year the event raised over $6,000 for students! 

As another SEG comes to a close for MicroSeismic, my biggest takeaway is how important it is to focus on value for the client, whether it be in marketing materials, developing new technology, or providing customer service – this is especially important to an industry looking for answers and not just a bunch of data. I’m looking forward to a prosperous 2015 and another exciting SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans next year. Thanks to everyone who made this year’s SEG a success for MicroSeismic. See you next year!