Meeting the Australian Challenge

By Kash Kashikar
VP, Completions Evaluation

I recently presented at Hart Energy’s DUG Australia conference, held in Brisbane.  It was the second year for this event and was very well attended.  DUG Australia brings market-leading insight on unconventional resources – coal seam gas, shale gas and tight sands – and their development in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. 

The list of speakers was impressive - with CEO’s and senior executives from several resources companies.  The main thread running through out the conference was how Australia's emerging shale and tight-sand plays build on its coal seam gas experience and how operators and service companies from North America can bring their expertise and experience to accelerate the growth of unconventional plays in Australia.

The growth in coal seam gas over the last several years has prompted operators to undertake construction of several LNG trains.  These trains are nearing completion and will start delivering LNG to existing long-term contracts within the next 2 years. However, there is a challenge.  The production from coal seam gas has not lived up to the expectations and is not sufficient enough to fill the LNG trains.  This is prompting operators to look at alternate sources of natural gas. Fortunately, Australia has 3 other sources of unconventional gas – deep coal, shale gas and tight sands.  Each one of these presents a unique set of drilling, completion, exploration and development challenges.  

The industry is meeting these challenges through a combination of local expertise, partnerships and farm-in’s with operators that have experience in developing unconventional plays from North America, Canada and other basins worldwide.  While there are several similarities between Australia’s unconventional plays and prolific basins in North America, there are significant differences.  The stress regime is very different and much more complex than any unconventional basin in North America.  There is limited infrastructure and availability of large drilling rigs and frac equipment, and there is a real sense of urgency in accelerating the time from discovery to commercial production to fulfill the demands of the LNG trains. 

I believe MicroSeismic Inc. is uniquely positioned to help Australian operators accelerate the timeline from discovery to commercialization; to achieve higher asset values and to achieve the production targets.  No single operator or service company has as much microseismic experience in every unconventional basin in the world or as much local experience in Australia as MicroSeismic Inc.  We bring a unique set of experience, knowledge of best practices and the ability to provide an integrated solution in partnerships with our clients.  By working closely with our customers, our workflows and tools allow us to jointly develop an understanding of what really impacts production and how to optimize completions in a timely manner.

MicroSeismic’s focus is to help customers maximize their asset value and increase production through optimized stimulation treatment and improved understanding of the reservoir. To learn more about these methods and how to perform completion diagnostics join us for our free webcast on September 16th. To register, click here.