ANGA Heartened by Obama's LNG Support

Heartened by a brief mention of liquefied natural gas exports by President Barack Obama, the new head of the US trade group for shale gas producers said Thursday he thought Obama should hasten a permitting process that has issued only two permits thus far.

"The great news, here in America, is that by 2020 we'll be a net exporter of natural gas," Obama said Wednesday evening at a fundraising speech in Chicago. "We will over the next couple of decades have the capacity to be energy independent for the first time, incredible change."

"Obama's behind this," America's Natural Gas Alliance CEO Marty Durbin told roughly 100 lobbyists and trade industry representatives Thursday at the American Gas Association's monthly Natural Gas Roundtable in Washington.

"We'd like to see a little faster pace on the permitting side," Durbin admitted.