MicroSeismic, Inc. Completes Surface-Based Fracture Monitoring in Poland

MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced today the completion of their first FracStarTM microseismic monitoring program in Poland this past weekend.  This is the tenth country in which MicroSeismic has monitored well stimulation activity.

MicroSeismic has installed its FracStar and BuriedArrayTM monitoring programs in all major shale plays in the United States as well as Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, China, India, Hungary, Turkey and now Poland.

The Polish government estimates the amount of shale gas reserves in Poland is between 346 billion cubic meters to 768 billion cubic meters.  This establishes Poland as one of the largest holders of gas reserves in Europe.  This substantial gas reserve will assist Poland and Europe to achieve strategic objectives in diversifying gas supply beyond Russia.  

MicroSeismic installed the FracStar, which is able to cover a 12-40 square kilometer area, to provide microseismic monitoring, mapping and analysis for hydraulic fracturing of a customer’s exploration and field development program.  

“This is truly a momentous year for MicroSeismic.  Not only is this our ten year anniversary, we recently installed our 40th BuriedArray and now we are working in 10 countries,” said Peter Duncan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of MicroSeismic.  “MicroSeismic’s FracStar service is where we began and with the recent introduction of our patented PSET 4.0 processing technology, it remains the standard for microseismic detection services, worldwide.”

The FracStar geophones are spaced across 10-12 radial arms and can number in the thousands. Stations can be deployed using standard cabling technology or wirelessly to minimize field operation time and reduce cost. 

This enables MicroSeismic to monitor primary, secondary and tertiary recovery activity, in a variety of reservoir conditions.  FracStar is capable of imaging events to about -3.0 magnitude, about the energy release of a human heartbeat. MicroSeismic’s proprietary PSETTM 4.0 processing techniques are highly resilient to surface noise sources enabling MicroSeismic to consistently deliver high-accuracy event location in the horizontal and vertical directions over the entire monitored volume. Using real-time monitoring services, customers can adjust pumping rates and the type of proppant and fluids they are using during the fracturing activity to optimize the completion.