February Webcast Registration is Now Open!

Join Carl Neuhaus, Petroleum Engineer, MicroSeismic, Inc on February 19, 2013 at 10AM CST for a free webcast; Improving Event Location Accuracy with Anisotropic Velocity Models.

This month’s webcast focuses on the application of an anisotropic velocity model in determining microseismic event locations from surface-acquired passive seismic data. The Thomsen parameters ε and δ were determined to accurately locate calibration shots to their known location. Hydraulic fracture events where then imaged and compared to their locations derived from processing incorporating an isotropic velocity model. 

When compared directly to calibration shot locations derived with an isotropic velocity model, we will show that the absolute average error in calibration shot positioning in all directions was improved by almost 30% and hypocenter events from the hydraulic fracturing treatment depicted a more dense and confined zone of microseismic activity.