Local Official Refutes Anti-Fracking Article

John Griffin, Executive Director of Associated Petroleum Industries of Michigan has submitted this excellent op-ed in the Record-Eagle in response to an earlier August article entitled Fracking Raises Concerns.

The Michigan Public Service Commission reports over 3.3 million natural gas customers in the state.

Hydraulic fracturing has helped drive natural gas prices from over $10 a thousand cubic feet to roughly $3 today and those 3.3 million customers have reaped the benefits.

Hydraulic fracturing has occurred in Michigan for nearly six decades and has been used on over 12,000 wells with no harm to the environment.

All aspects of well drilling, construction and production are regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality. They have an excellent question and answer document on hydraulic fracturing at http://www.michigan.gov/documents/deq/deq-FINAL-frack-QA_384089_7.pdf

Michigan imports almost 80 percent of its natural gas. Michigan would be well served with more production as the state and its residents would share in the royalties, taxes and jobs it would provide.

The state deposits revenues from oil, gas and mineral operations into the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, with nearly $1 billion in grants already given to local parks and natural resource projects.

Natural gas is a clean burning and now more abundant domestic energy source. Michigan should take advantage of its minerals.

Excellent rebuttal from a knowledgeable professional, supported by facts.