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Don't forget to register now for our August 21st webinar: Geological Interpretations of Microseismic Events to Better Constrain Fracture Models, hosted by Jon McKenna, a geophysicist with MicroSeismic.

In addition to locating microseismic events, MicroSeismic, Inc.'s surface and shallow buried array passive seismic technology is used to define the geometry and orientations of the fracture networks that are stimulated or induced by hydro-frac treatments. Additional rock mechanics parameters can be combined with additional information contained in the microseismic data to better understand in-situ subsurface stress and failure conditions.

In this webinar, McKenna will discuss focal mechanisms, stress inversion techniques, discrete fracture models constrained by microseismic events, and stimulated rock volume calculations. Additional analysis to be discussed include fractal geometries of event clusters, and event energy analyses can be used to optimize the stimulation treatment.