Ohio Gets it Right with Online Shale Jobs Database

Ohioans wondering where to find the thousands of new jobs in the oil and gas industry finally have something more concrete than another economic study.

It's a website created by an industry group listing nearly two dozen companies and job openings here and throughout each company's far-flung operations.

Energy in Depth -- the Ohio Project on Monday launched a new web service, a job finder that includes most of the big gas and oil companies prospecting or drilling wells in Ohio.

The site includes suppliers to those companies and other companies preparing to build processing plants to clean and separate the gases and oils contained in Ohio's Utica shale formations.

Names as familiar as BP, Halliburton, Chesapeake Energy, Baker Hughes and Dominion East Ohio join the long list of companies, some of them less familiar to most Ohio residents.

A website visitor who clicks on a company name is instantly switched to a career page for the employer, including what jobs are available and where they are situated. Many of the sites include an on-line application.

A check of job openings on a half-dozen site listed not only the jobs but education and experience needed, benefit packages and overall career opportunities -- but not wages or salaries.

In Pennsylvania, the Labor Department pegged the average salary of workers involved in Marcellus-shale gas production at more than $81,000 in 2011, Energy in Depth spokesman Dan Alfaro said.

The average salary of people involved in ancillary industries -- everything from environmental clean-up to equipment manufacturing to gas distribution -- was $64,000, he said.

Some of the companies listed do not show jobs in Ohio, but they will as they enter the state and production ramps up, Alfaro said.

And new companies will be added as they show up in the state, he said.

"This is designed to be a living website. As shale development continues to expand, so too will the opportunity to gain employment, and so will the jobs portal."