Frac’ing Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes

Steve Everly with Energy in Depth spoke up this week to refute findings from a USGS report claiming that frac'ing causes earthquakes.

Some of the interesting points Steve made:

- The link between waste water wells, which are used to dispose of the water used in fracking under ground, and earthquakes isn't new. It goes back to the 1960′s.

– While "earthquake" is a scary term, the quakes linked the waste water wells aren't dangerous.

– If it turns out that waste water wells are causing earthquakes, there are a lot of things the industry can do such as changing the way they pump water into these wells to recycling and re-using the water.

In short, there's not a lot of cause for alarm in this USGS study. There is, however, a lot of political reasons on the environmental left to try and manufacture alarm and hamstring fossil fuel production.

Another great job from Energy in Depth!