Reader Speaks Out in Favor of Frac’ing

A recent op ed in the New York Daily Star featured a letter you don't typically see from the average reader. The post spoke out in favor of frac'ing and in fact, went so far as to say, "Enacting a natural gas ban is a terrible idea for any town."

The argument for frac'ing in this letter offered several points for consideration, including:

By enacting a ban or even a moratorium, a town is putting itself at risk of being sued and costing taxpayers enormous amounts of money, because people have every right to use every part of their property.

Natural gas exploration has been proven safe and the industry would be working under the world's strictest regulations if New York State opens its doors to the industry. (Second that!)

Currently, property owners are at risk of losing their homes and family farms to foreclosures. The natural gas industry could be the only saving grace for our area.

With the regulations New York has, it's difficult to argue it will not be monitored closely. There is no justification under these circumstances for taking away property rights.

The writer concludes by encouraging others to, "Protect your town by telling your elected officials not to enact bans on the natural gas industry."

We applaud this reader's moxie in stating the facts for what they are-facts-for and taking a stand where so many fear to do so. Hopefully New York is listening, too!