Gasland Outed Again as More Myth than Truth Op-ed

South Africa's Daily Maverick published an opinion piece this week that further debunks the Gasland  "gospel" that so many members of both the public and the media take for truth.

The oped is particularly timely as South Africa prepares to issue exploration permits for their own natural gas opportunities.

Author Ivo Vetger provides a thorough and well vetted list of reasons why the documentary, despite being nominated for an Oscar and winning the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize, contains more fiction than fact.

Do watch it. Then permit me to highlight just a few examples of the lies that appear in the film. I'm not the first to make such a list, by a long shot, but if it's going to continue being cited, then it ought to continue being disputed.

Vetger's 10 points are extremely lengthy, but well worth the ten minute read, (especially if you are still finding yourself defending your profession at cocktail parties!). We encourage you to read the full piece on the Daily Maverick's website.