New Website Serves as Frac’ing Chemicals Registry is a website used by the energy industry to track the chemicals employed in frac'ing and its receiving rave reviews from the Obama administration and the Bureau of Land Management, who are working to developing regulations to ensure frac'ing doesn't contaminate groundwater.

The Interior Department unit, led by Bob Abbey, plans to require companies such as Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) to list substances they use in producing oil or natural gas on federal lands.

The American Petroleum Institute, which represents these (and other) operators, has said producers do disclose the chemicals on the FracFocus website and additional regulations aren't necessary.

"FracFocus has worked well for disclosure of chemicals," Abbey said at a House Appropriations Committee hearing in Washington. "Frac'ing technology is a tremendous, tremendous tool for this nation and to the industry to allow us to continue to make progress to reduce our dependence on foreign fuels."

We applaud companies who use Fracfocus and the industry as a whole, who are constantly working to dispel public myths that frac'ing isn't a safe solution to provide energy and employment to our nation.