We Love Energy in Depth, Here’s Why

If you're not receiving the Energy in Depth (EID) email alerts, you need to be. Not only does the site provide a myriad of valuable info, they are consistently publishing factual article that completely debunk industry myth and media hype.

This month, we ran across an article, that refutes a ProPublica-generated chart about hydraulic fracturing that purports to show that "government involvement with the drilling technique goes back decades." (EID goes on to point out that hydraulic fracturing is not, in fact, a "drilling technique")

ProPublica's efforts were an effort to provide cover for the claim that it was the federal government, not private industry that facilitated the growth of shale development.

EID points out that that claim lacks merit. As Professor Michael Giberson of Texas Tech University has observed, the federal government's role was "merely convenient to technological advancement and not necessary."

We urge you to check out the EID timeline of frac'ing, and get the real scoop. You can find it here: http://www.energyindepth.org/you-missed-a-spot-a-timeline-of-hydraulic-fracturing/