Good Job Corbett!

By: Peter M. Duncan

Last week Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett took a bold, and dare I say right, step in securing his state's economic future when he said this about the Marcellus shale natural gas play, "This natural resource will fuel our generating plants, heat our homes and power our state's economic engine for generations to come. We are going to do this safely and we're going to do it right because energy equals jobs."

The American Petroleum Institute (API) concurred with Corbett. Joe Leighton, associate director of the Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania said, "The governor's plan makes Pennsylvania a competitive place for responsible development."

Pennsylvania as a state created a committee dedicated to overseeing the Marcellus shale growth and development. This committee made no less than 96 recommendations to government, touching on everything from fees to offset the impact of natural gas to creating more robust environmental standards. Corbett has agreed to implement these standards as part of his announcement to move forward.

West Virginia, New York-where are you? Corbett is doing the right thing for his state in embracing unconventional resources to boost his economy for years to come. He is doing it in such a way that also pacifies those citizens who oppose drilling for natural gas-by following a set of standards set by a group. This isn't a yes or no question and it most certainly isn't a "maybe". I implore your state's leaders to take notes and follow Corbett's lead.