This IS Good News!

By: Peter M. Duncan

Out of Laramie, WY this week, courtesy of the Star-Tribune - breaking news! Hydraulic fracturing is safe!

But seriously, in a recent forum of energy experts in Wyoming it was concluded that frac'ing poses no threat of groundwater contamination. While this isn't exactly news to any of us that frac for a living, it is encouraging to see (state-by-state) acceptance of this key oil and gas development technology.

Tom Doll, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission supervisor was quoted as saying, "We have no documented case of groundwater contamination in this state." Doll said operators conducted 5,974 frac'ing stimulations last year in Wyoming.

Other state oil and gas and environmental regulators expanded on drilling and frac'ing regulations and confirmed Doll's comment, that the state of Wyoming has had no case where frac'ing was proven to have contaminated drinking water supplies.  And even the EPA has stated that there is not one case that they can show where frac'ing has interfered with the aquifer.

Extra, extra-keep spreading the good word! While this may still be news to some, it's valuable, accurate information that should be shared so that we can continue to harvest our world's most valuable resources.