Team BYU Wins SEG Challenge Bowl!

Congratulations to Matthew Davis and Forrest Roberts of Brigham Young University who blew out the SEG Challenge Bowl in the finals Monday night, dominating the other teams with their geophysical smarts. The winning team advanced to the finals by winning the Rocky Mountain regional competition.

Davis and Roberts were one of ten teams from around the world to earn a trip to the SEG Annual Meeting by winning their regional event. Contestants competed from the world over, with competitions in Nigeria, Italy, Oklahoma, the U.S. Gulf Coast, Canada, East Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

The dynamic duo were the top team in all three rounds of the competition, scoring 80 points in the first round, eliminating five of the nine teams. Their total of 140 points in the semifinal was more than twice as high as that of any other team. BYU's final winning margin was 210-140.

Our own Peter Duncan, former SEG president and the driving force behind the creation of the Challenge Bowl, again served as the quintessential questioner. Way to go Peter and Team BYU!mn