Water Water Everywhere...

By Peter M. Duncan

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has protested a recent government report that encourages stricter standards for natural gas drilling. The push back stems from what the API says has been overlooked- regulations and industry improvements that are already in place.

The 10 page commentary from the API specifically addresses the argument that diesel fuel should not be used in natural gas operations. The government group with the beef is the Natural Gas Subcommittee, formed as part of the President Obama's "Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future" - a comprehensive plan to reduce America's oil dependence, save consumers money, and make our country the leader in clean energy industries. (I could really start a whole new rant just on this definition, solar companies going out of business despite government funding, but I digress…)

In its initial report, the subcommittee asked the industry and regulators to cut emissions at drilling sites and improve tracking the way water is used at those operations, further to create a national database on water use in fracing.

The API contends, "diesel fuel is currently authorized for use as a permitted fracturing additive under federal law," and any changes would require new action by the Energy Department. The API further asserts that water is already a "highly regulated commodity" subject to federal, state and local requirements.

"We see little additional value from requiring a manifest for the transportation of fresh water hauls," API argues, especially since that information already has to be reported to most local water management agencies.

I've got an offer-to any arm of the government that is brave enough to accept it. How about I deliver real-time result of microseismic activity in areas of concern? (And areas that aren't of concern for that matter.)Science is the backbone of our industry and of MicroSeismic's technologies. Instead of a water spreadsheet, how'd you like to see seismic charts and graphs that illustrate exactly what you're so concerned is happening. Any takers?