What I Did on My Summer Vacation

By: Peter M. Duncan

At MicroSeismic, we welcome the fresh faces of our summer interns – eager to contribute and soak up all that corporate life has to offer. While every effort is made to ensure these students receive valuable and productive job training, the inevitable organizing of files and teaching the elders how to use social media does happen.

Apparently, interns at the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) are offered a much higher level of involvement. Recent reporting from The New York Times ombudsman’s office has uncovered that the controversial series on natural gas contained quotes from an EIA “official”, an “energy analyst” and “one federal analyst”. All of these sources were in fact, from an intern of the EIA. Arthur Brisbane, who currently serves in this office, had this to say:

Without ample descriptions of the unnamed sources, readers couldn’t know who was speaking and could not judge for themselves the merits of what was said. In the case of the redacted e-mails, the descriptors tended to obscure how many E.I.A. staffers were involved and when an intern was the e-mailer.

With continual negative press on natural gas coming from the nation’s “paper of record”, one can’t help but wonder how long they can continue to hold that title. Thanks New York Times, that sounds a lot more exciting than making copies.