Just the Facts, Ma'am

By: Peter M. Duncan

This week Amy Mall, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, blogged about the extraordinarily high number of violations (47) on 33 of the Marcellus wells. Nowhere in her post, nor in the article she cites from the Scranton Times-Tribune, does it say what those violations are.

Were chemicals spewing wildly into the ground? Was gas causing people on the street to choke? Or (more likely), was the reams long permitting paperwork filed incorrectly? Or perhaps all of the “t’s”, which no one can keep track of at the rate the Obama administration continues to change them, were not crossed satisfactorily. We just don’t know, no one reports on those insignificant details-the horrific number of 47 violations makes far better blog fodder.

Another nugget Amy neglected to mention is the unbelievably accurate technology in place to make fracing a safe and environmentally conscious process, such as monitoring wells with microseismic technology. She further asks what “incentives” are in place to encourage workers to “do the right things”. I guess employment would be the biggest-the Marcellus Shale has employed numbers well into the thousands-that doesn’t even take into account the resulting infrastructure benefits that domino as a result of those employments.  Nor does it take into account the thousands that could be employed should New York end their drilling moratorium.

I encourage Amy to speak further with me about the fracing technology Microseismic offers. Any time she is interested I’d be happy to show it to her, but she may be disappointed, there won’t be much to write about.  Unless of course she wants to write about all of the positive that comes with using our natural resources.