Fox Rebuttal

As an avid subscriber to Michael Binnion’s blog, I was pleased to read his most recent post, “I Am Shocked”, which alluded to the spiraling crash and burn of Josh Fox, the director of Gasland, and his poorly vetted documentary. Was I shocked? Absolutely not. In 2010, I reached out to Josh and offered him an inside look at how we at MicroSeismic monitor fracing and are able to determine where the fracs are and where they aren’t, notably not anywhere near the aquifer, and he declined.  I found this surprising, since one would assume that most documentary directors would be hungry for any specific research on the topic of his current project.  For all he knew, his theories were right, and whatever information I offered to him could’ve been used against the evil oil and gas industry.

While YouTube and Vimeo have removed Gasland due to the legal scrutiny it’s recently fallen under, I regretfully decline to repost the link here-I’m not one to promote lies. Documentary? Perhaps Mockumentary is a more fitting category.

For the real truth, I encourage you to visit Questerre and Energy in Depth, for starters.

Peter Duncan, President, MSI