Energy In Depth Debunks Gasland

Josh Fox made his mainstream debut with documentary Gasland, targeting hydraulic fracturing in natural gas plays – but how much of it is actually true? On Energy InDepth’s website, Fox’s documentary has been put to the test and ultimately, Gasland has received an “A” for inventiveness but an “F” for facts.  Fox sought to show the world how fracking harms the environment, but how much of his film was true?  Not much.  The website breaks down minute by minute where Fox either didn’t know the facts or purposely distorted them. With the numerous amounts of “corrections” that made to Fox’s documentary, the one that remains a favorite is “Flat-Out Making Stuff Up.”  In his documentary, Fox claims, “In 2004, the EPA was investigating a water contamination incident due to hydraulic fracturing in Alabama. But a panel rejected the inquiry, stating that although hazard materials were being injected underground, EPA did not need to investigate.”  Perhaps he did not realize that EPA investigations can be looked up and verified.  He goes on to say which animals have become endangered as a result of trucks driving to and from a gas field in Wyoming. proves him wrong, not once, but four times on that particular subject.

Based on quotes from Gasland, it appears that he has more of a political agenda than an environmental one.  For the entire article, visit,