Final Reminder: Register for the October Webinar

Carl Neuhaus, Petroleum Engineer for MicroSeismic, Inc will present October's complimentary webinar tomorrow at 10 a.m. entitled, Integrated Microseismic Monitoring for Field Optimization in the Marcellus Shale.

Full program description is below. Register online now.

This webcast focuses on an integrative analysis of hydraulic fracture treatments conducted in the Marcellus Shale. The presentation determines how various factors related to the specific reservoir geology in the Marcellus and to what extent the variability of hydraulic fracture treatments impacted the microseismic results. It analyzes stress changes in the reservoir indicated by focal mechanisms to help explain the asymmetry of the microseismicity about the wellbore. Finally, the initial production results are compared to reservoir and engineering parameters to determine if the variability in the microseismic results is due to engineering differences or to spatially-varying reservoir properties.