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2009 SPE B.J. Hulsey, Leo Eisner, Dr. Michael P. Thornton, Dana Jurick Application of Relative Location Technique from Surface Arrays to Microseismicity Induced by Shale Fracturing
2009 The Leading Edge Leo Eisner, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Werner M. Heigl, William R. Keller Uncertainties in Passive Seismic Monitoring
2009 SEG Morris Hall and Jo Ellen Kilpatrick Surface Microseismic Monitoring of Slick-Water and Nitrogen Fracture Stimulations, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
2009 SEG William R. Keller, B.J. Hulsey and Dr. Peter M. Duncan Correlation of Surface Microseismic Event Distribution to Water Production and Faults Mapped on 3D Seismic Data: A West Texas Case Study
2009 Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud Marcellus Microseismic
2008 SPE Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud Using Microseismic Events to Constrain Fracture Network Models and Implications for Generating Fracture Flow Properties for Reservoir Simulation
2007 SPE David Abbott, Chris Neal, James D. Lakings, Lynn Wilson, Jay C. Close, Evan Richardson Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics in the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado, Using Surface Microseismic Monitoring Technology
2006 SEG James D. Lakings, Peter M. Duncan, Chris Neale, Todd Theiner Surface Based Microseismic Monitoring of a Hydraulic Fracture Well Stimulation in the Barnett Shale