How do your assets stack up?

$21 Billion is the total combined publicized transaction value for just eight of our U.S. Private Equity-backed clients. Because our clients are able to improve their completion designs, well productivity, and well placement using microseismic-based completions evaluation, we are able to help each of them realize significant upside potential for their assets - something that no other microseismic company can do.

Our vast experience and dedication to technical innovation prove that our technology works, is reliable and everyone uses it. MicroSeismic, Inc. is the leader and inventor of the surface microseismic category. For more than 14 years, we have perfected the results for our customers so that we aren’t just giving them “Dots in the Box”, rather a full suite of tools to help them make sound economic decisions for their wells and pads that drop straight to the bottom line. In essence, we help our customers outperform their competition and we are the only microseismic service company that has the experience to do it.

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