About Us

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MicroSeismic, Inc. is an oilfield services company providing completions evaluation services and real-time monitoring and mapping of hydraulic fracture operations in unconventional oil and gas plays.

Founded in 2003, MicroSeismic invented the use of surface microseismic monitoring to listen to the naturally occurring, low-energy seismic noise emitted from a reservoir during hydraulic fracturing stimulation. Utilizing surface, near-surface, and downhole arrays, MicroSeismic helps oil and gas companies understand how the reservoir responds to stimulation and its impact on customer economics.

MicroSeismic’s services include Productive-SRV®, PermIndex®, PIndex®, DIndex®, Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring, Reservoir Monitoring, Seismicity Monitoring and more. From these services, customers are able to produce more for every completions dollar spent.

  • Determine ideal well and stage spacing to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Identify costly geo-hazards and non-productive zones
  • Estimate 90-day cumulative production earlier in the life cycle
  • Optimize fluid and treatment efficiency
  • Enhance vertical coverage and landing zone

"MicroSeismic’s experience and technology will allow us to properly monitor the seismic activity and bring economic growth to Lancashire," said Mark Miller, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources, Ltd.

With over 28,000 stages monitored, and over 50 BuriedArray® installments, MicroSeismic, Inc. has both pioneered and proven the successful application of surface microseismic monitoring across the United States and 18 countries internationally. From advanced real-time analysis to reservoir monitoring and analysis, MicroSeismic’s completions evaluation services are unmatched in the marketplace.

To learn more about our company and the solutions we offer, please contact MicroSeismic.